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We can provide you with unsurpassed knowledge and experience in the area of not only commercial fire applications but residential buildings as well.


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Solutions for Fire Protection

We design with state and local permit inspection departments in mind. We will do all the legwork required to make sure that your system is 100% up to code. No matter what your town, we will fulfill your requirements.

In addition to assisting in selection of a combination of fire alarm systems, installation teams will ensure that they are properly installed in the best location and are tested and maintained to ensure they are operating properly. This prevents false alarms or inoperability that may cause a danger to occupants and responding emergency fire services.

It is recommended that although the minimal fire code requirements are in place, that fire alarm systems are updated often to ensure that they are responding as fast as possible and working properly for the building they are installed in. The equipment in our fire alarm systems are designed to work together, taking into account the various situations that could occur in different types of fires.   

Here is a list of common MYTHS about home fire sprinkler systems. The FACTS will help provide a more thorough understanding of the features and benefits of home fire
sprinkler systems.

MYTH: When a fire occurs, every sprinkler in the house will activate.
FACT: Contrary to movie scenes, all the sprinklers in a sprinkler system do not activate at once. When a fire sprinkler activates, by design, the sprinkler closest to the fire goes off – and in 90% of cases, one sprinkler is enough to suppress the fire.

MYTH: Small things like burning a piece of toast could trigger the sprinkler system.
FACT: Burning toast and smoking cigars will not trigger a fire sprinkler. Fire sprinklers are only activated by extremely high temperatures, not by smoke. Only a threatening fire can generate enough heat to activate a sprinkler.

MYTH: A little fire or smoke damage is better than having the whole house ruined by water damage if the sprinkler system goes off.
FACT: A residential fire sprinkler uses only 10-25 gallons of water per minute, and operates early in a fire. A hose used by firefighters flows about 10 times that amount – around 125-250 gallons per minute.

MYTH: Fire sprinklers could go off accidentally.
FACT: The chances that a sprinkler will accidentally discharge due to a manufacturing defect are extremely rare- 1 in 16 million. Overall, sprinkler accidents are generally less likely and less
severe than accidents involving home plumbing systems.

MYTH: Fire sprinklers won’t look nice in my beautiful new home.
FACT: Actually, most fire sprinklers are small and unobtrusive so you won’t even notice them unless you are looking for them. Fire sprinklers come in a wide range of colors and styles, ensuring that they will blend aesthetically with any home décor.

MYTH: Home fire sprinklers are very expensive.
FACT: The cost of installing a fire sprinkler is only about the cost of a flooring upgrade, and can offer peace-of-mind and protect your family for many years. Plus, you can enjoy discounts on your homeowner’s insurance premium.